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Software Engineering

Penn Mobile

Penn Mobile serves over 5000 weekly, 7000 monthly users in the Penn community to do anything from check dining hours & menus, book study rooms, and much more!
I spearheaded the dining redesign effors in SwiftUI and set up the necessary infrastructure for the integration of this new framework amongst our existing codebase written in UIKit. I also implemented a screen that requires FaceID to retrieve students' Penn Access Code using Local Authentication.
You can find the repository for this app here and the app store link here.
Software Engineering


A clone of Minecraft running on the web. It is powered by OpenGL, SDL, C++ and ported to WebAssembly using Emscripten.
This was the final project for my computer graphics class and was built with two other students. I was responsible for implementing player physics, multithreaded terrain generation, and porting the source code to webassembly using Emscripten.
You can find this application deployed here.
Software Engineering

Penn Clubs

Penn Clubs is a platform that help students who want to be involved in student organizations. Available on the web and on iOS, students can browse and keep track of clubs and club events year round.
I worked as the sole iOS developer to migrate functionalities available on the website to a native app. I also added mobile-first features, including but not limited to adding events on the user's calendar and having a map view of booth locations for the clubs fair.
You can find the repository for this app here and the app store link here.
Software Engineering


An academic clone of Google Search Engine Circa 1990 created as the final project for my CIS555 course with three collaborators.
I was responsible for implementing PageRank using Apache Spark and populating the inverted index using Apache Storm. During the project, I interfaced with several services on AWS including EC2, EMR, S3 as well as database platforms like MongoDB.
You can find a report for this project here.
Software Engineering

Algorithm Visualizers

As the programming head for the data structure and algorithms course, I built visualizers that simulate student's solutions to programming assignments.
Using Java Swing and GraphStream library, students are now able to see their implementation of Resizing Deques, HashMap, TrieMap, and graph algorithms like shortest and widest path.
You can find the repository for the various visualizer here.

Intel ISEF

Intel ISEF is the world's largest international pre-college science competition.
I represented Hong Kong as one of six projects with my research into Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells at the 70th annual competition.
You can read my paper here.